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Walking with God….

1 John 2:6
….when by His light I walk through the darkness Job 29:3
Our daily life is all about walking! We walk consciously and unconsciously. We walk in the world of uncertainties! We walk in the midst of darkness! David says ” Though I walk in the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil for YOU are with me” He knows that as long as we live in this world, there is no safe place! No matter how tall a fence is, no matter how tight the security of the house is, it is still not a safe place! Nothing can stop the principalities and powers to reach anyone at any time! David says “God is my Refuge” We cannot survive in the race of life without HIS PRESENCE! We cannot fight and win in the battle of Faith without Him!
4 Walking with God unfolds His mind for our lives: There is no one that walks with God that will not understands God’s mind for his life in everything. God will reveal His counsel, mind and will for our lives.
5 It Guarantee our Safety and Security! When we walk with God, we are secured! I have no fear of where ever I find myself because He has assured me of His presence! His presence in your life on a daily basis is all you need to be secured.
6 Peace of Mind and that passes all understanding! Isaiah 26:3 says” He will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on You….” We cannot experience peace that passes all understanding unless we keep walking with God! God cannot such christian who is not stable and consistent in his walk with Him! It was the presence of Jesus that gave the disciples the victory over the storm!
7 Learning to be Like Him! Those who walk with God will always love to be like Him! The essence of your walk with God is for us to be like Him! God’ s desire is that we know Him intimately,and absolutely! He wants to make Himself known to us everyday!Each day comes with its own Revelation! Each moment comes with inspiration! He wants to be our best friend, confidant and partner! There is no fellowship, communion and companionship that can be compared with that of God! NOBODY CAN REPLACE GOD IN OUR LIVES! NOBODY CAN PLAY HIS ROLE IN OUR LIVES! He wrote the scripts of our lives! We need Him! He is the best Role Model! He is the Author of our life’s story! We have no other option than to walk with Him!
8 Victories and Answers to all our prayers! He is wiling to give us all things! Whatever you need is yours already! He can do so much more than you think!
Praying for you that this week will usher in an unexpected Blessings and Miracles into your life! May the manifold blessings of walking with God be yours now and forever in Jesus name! God bless your week!

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