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The Contents of God’s Glory

John 1:14,8:32, 14:6, 18:37.
“The glory of the Lord shall be revealed and all the flesh shall see it together” Isaiah 40:5
Nothing separate a saint from a sinner than God’s glory! There is nothing spectacular or significant about a christian who does not reflects God’s glory! The moment we are born again and we become the children of God, we are no longer under the wrath of God, we are now covered with God’s glory!
Who are the carriers of God’s glory? What are the indicators that points to the glory of God in our lives?
1 GRACE : Jesus Christ was full of grace! When we are full of God’s grace, the glory of God will be seen in our lives! We are saved by grace! If our salvation is genuine then there should be no scarcity of grace in our lives! We begin to enjoy grace! walk and guided by His grace! Our walk with God is made easy by His grace! Everything we need we have by His grace! Show me a man full of God’grace, then I will show you a man full of God’s glory! Grace is available for every sincere child of God….IT IS ALWAYS AVAILABLE FOR YOU! .Anything that follows grace is always great! Grace takes us from where we think we can be to where we should be! Grace brings victory in every battle! YOUR UNIQUENESS AS A CHILD OF GOD WILL BE DETERMINED BY THE MEASURE OF HIS GRACE IN YOUR LIFE! You are a summary of God’s grace! Forsake grace, forget greatness….. The highest point you will ever attained in life will be the determined by the grace of God in your life! GRACE IS AN ELEVATOR! There is no lift that is powerful enough to lift us to the highest peak of our calling except GRACE! …..THE MORE THE GRACE, THE MORE THE GLORY! Glory testifies! The glory of God announces you….THE GLORY OF GOD GLORIFIES GOD IN YOUR LIFE ULTIMATELY!
2 TRUTH : John 8:32
Nothing liberates and set free like the truth! The knowledge of the truth and its application in every area of our lives makes a difference! The devil is not afraid of you because you pray, he is only afraid of you because you know the truth and you are living and walking in it! Christians who are walking and living in the truth revealed by the word of God are the greatest enemies of the devil! He fears you because you know God, you know Jesus, you know Holy Spirit and the word of God! He knows that the moment we know and decide to walk in it, it will be difficult for him to deceive us! The devil deceives before he receives! He deceives before he captures! He is still in the ministry of deception till today! He blinds people’s mind and hearts so that they will not know the truth! Those who know the truth and living in the truth are free from Satan! Ignorance is the greatest affliction the devil can inflict on a man! The greatest bondage is ignorance! Those who are not born again or accepted Christ as their savior are in bondage! There are so many Christians that are not living in the truth! Grace helps us to live and abide in the truth! The only licence grace gives us is that of truth! Grace makes us to grow in the knowledge of our Lord and savior! Grace keeps us in Christ’s path! Grace keeps us in the path of truth! The more the grace, the more we know, the more grow in the truth that is in God’s word, the greater the glory! Amen!
Receive grace today in Jesus name!

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