Watchmen Prophetic Missions International

A Timeless Warning!


Matthew 21:18-21, Luke 13:6-9, John 15:2.
I have personally gone through different messages people send at the beginning of this month and the beginning of the year, I discover that most of these messages are not actually prayers but best wishes.  Personally, I believe that every christian should ask God what exactly He has in mind for him/ her before the journey begins!
It will practically terrible to buy drug or any product without taking our time to go through the instructions ! To God, Obedience to His warning and instructions is more important than every other wish or prayer.
The parable of the wholesale jerseys fig tree is a timeless warning to each and every one of us today! We have made so many promises to God assuring Him that we shall be faithful and give Him the best, for this reason He had kept us! God made up His mind not to get rid of us because He wants to see if we will do what He has commanded us to do!
Today, as hungry as Jesus was early in the morning, He was so angry that there was not a single fruit on tree! Jesus also gave a parable Tokyo of a certain man who cares for the tree to give the tree another year!
God is not like us in any way! Everything He does, there Price is a purpose for it. If He is keeping you Die here, there is a purpose for it. Ever since the tree has been existing, there has never been a single fruit on it!
If God’s meat is the fruit He expects us to bear and influence we are to make on the surface of the earth, then we must justify it!
God is presently removing and replacing so many Christians who have enjoyed so much and have not given Him to justify this privilege. He saved us, rescued us, set us free to serve Him and touch lives. His meat are souls around us that have not yet known Him.
Jesus says every branch in me that bears no fruit The Father will take away! John says “An ax is laid on root of the tree already!” Any christian that is bearing fruits is wholesale jerseys China as worse as a terrorist! If we fail to do what we were created to do, then we are also like Clearance cheap jerseys those who do not know God! God is presently calling those who do not have much of what we have and He is equipping them for the final revival!
Beloved, the cheap jerseys time is too short for us! There is no time to waste! August is here already! How many souls have you won for Christ? How many lives have you touched? What are wholesale jerseys you doing presently to advance His kingdom? Why are we sleeping at this time of buy-to-let wholesale jerseys harvest? If there is anytime crucial to God in the history of the world, it is this time! We must produce the fruits expected of us ….else, He will cut us from the roots, take our symbol of authority from us and replace us! August wholesale jerseys is here already,what do you want to do for the Lord before He comes back! Maranatha!!!!