Patience and prayer

Patience and prayer…..
Romans 12:12
Endure hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. 2Tim 2:3
Whatever we are going through today, is just for a while! No matter how difficult the situation is, we must not give up! Instead of giving up or complaining, let us ask God for the grace to endure till the end!  Apostle peter talks about God’s kind of patience, he used the word LONGSUFFERING…2Peter 3:9 He said HIS patience towards us , not willing that any should perish….. If God could endure our inadequacies, killings, atrocities that man perpetuate today, how much more we that are just going through?  Let us endure every form of tribulation ….and keep enduring! The TROPHY IS MEANT FOR THOSE WHO FINISH AND FINISH WELL…..The final salvation is meant for those that endure till the end! Jesus is coming only for those that has gone through and are still standing! Is there any challenge? Is there any difficulty? Let us learn from Job and other great men who have come and gone! He who overcomes! We can only be called an over comer if only we can endure! See Jesus put it this way; HE THAT IS PURE, LET HIM BE PURE STILL, HE WHO IS FAITHFUL LET HIM BE FAITHFUL STILL…..Until our FAITH is at its fullness, we are not faithful!
Luke 18:1 talks about the need for every one of us to pray! Men ought always to pray, and not to faint! If there is anything we must not stop doing, it is prayer! Paul says ” pray without season” Prayer is all season, all weather, all purpose, it is all encompassing! There is no how we can live without breathing, and there is no how we can survive without prayer!
The weapon of our warfare are not carnal! The weapon of our warfare is prayer! Physical combats, pointing accusing fingers, abusing one another are carnal means of defending ourselves! The weapon of our warfare are mighty through God to pull down the strongholds of the enemy!
Prayer! We cannot live here on earth without a continuous and combative prayer! Show me the most successful man or woman on earth, and I will show you a man of prayer! Abraham prayed, Moses prayed, it was the cry of Israelites that brought deliverance to them! The Apostles prayed, they got result! There is nothing we do or we want to do that does not require prayer!
We must not give up in our prayer, prayer continues before and after the request is granted! We need prayer warriors again! Men and women who can move the hand of God! People who can challenge the Ahabs, Temples, demons, and every thought that is waging war against the gospel!
Let us continue to pray….the answer is on the way, the miracles are on the way, the testimonies will continue to abound! Pray for me, I will pray for you, pray for your family, children, associates, workers , souls, Nations, cities, towns and villages! Pray for the bereaved, the widows, fatherless, pray for your pastor, political leaders and pray for yourself!
Promise JER 29:12 ……I WILL LISTEN TO YOU! May the Lord grant you EVERY desire of your heart today in Jesus name! Keep the fire of prayer burning!