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His Seed in Me!

1John 3:9, 5:18
…..That Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith Eph 3:17
I once had a conversion with one of my student who was trying to tell my why she believes a doctor is more important now than ever. I did tell her that personally as a bible student I did not agree with that statement. I told her how God created the universe and put Adam in the garden giving him everything he needed to survive! I then asked her to compare the number of years they live then with ours! There were no doctors then as we have today yet they lived longer! Some of them live over 300years! They kept themselves within the instructions given to them by God!
There is no way we can compare our personal relationship with God with church attendance and activities! There are so many people who think God will always accept them as long as they go to church even though they have no intimate relationship with God.
The Seed of God in every born again Christian is Christ in us! He is the reason why we cannot sin! I challenge anyone who still struggles with major and minor sins to check if he is truly born again! Christ that lives in us makes it difficult for us to sin…. because He will not commit sin! John says” HE KEEPS HIMSELF AND THE WICKED ONE TOUCH HIM NOT” Those who are deeply rooted in Christ cannot be carried away so easily by any wind of sin! The more we give Him space in our lives, the more it will be difficult for us to be slaves to sin and Satan! When the Seed of God abides in us;
There is complete victory over sin. ..For sin shall not have dominion over me!
There is a complete victory over Satan 1John 5:4 Whosoever is born of God overcomes the world! Christ in us makes the difference!
There is hope and glorious future for us! Christ in me , the Hope of His glory!
May your life experience victory today in Jesus name!

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