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God’s Warning To His Church

God’s Warning To His Church…
Revelation 3:14-22
He who sleeps in harvest is a son who causes shame prov 10:5b
GOD spoke recently about the state of so many Christians particularly His church! In this prophetic warning, God told us that we have made Him looks so inactive and lazy such that it seems as if HE is not the same God of old!
To God, we are so cold and lukewarm to the extent that signs and wonders have disappeared! We so much noise about signs, miracles, supernatural and so many sugar coated spiritual terms yet our gathering is becoming so usual and formal….
David says “We do not see our signs anymore” Gone are the days when the prayers of believers will shake heavens! Gone are the days when after choir ministrations people will begin to pray and not clap! Gone are the days when the people will go home after hours of prayer in the church and will continue to search the scriptures and pray until the joy of an answered prayer falls upon their soul!
Jonathan Edward prayed for hours 8 hours at least before a message that will last for just an hour…His sermon titled “SINNERS IN THE HANDS OF AN ANGRY GOD ” shook the congregation! Apostle Babalola was not just an apostle by title, he was an apostle of prayer! shaking the kingdom of darkness! Smith Wiggleswort says “if the Holy Spirit does not move me, I will move Him to move me” these are great men of God!
John knox spent most of his time praying for Scotland! When Prophet Obadare prays , witches and wizard confessed….their prophetic ministry was real!
We have so many prophets today…more than that time and yet, problems increase and persist! We have so many pastors today, yet so many sheep are just wandering everywhere without shepherd! We have so many evangelists today, yet souls are perishing! So many teachers today , yet people forget the title of the sermon before the leave the church!
Where is the God of Elijah? Where is the God of Elisha? Where is the God of Abraham? Where is the God of the Apostle! The Church is afraid of the enemy, we are afraid of death, we fear terrorists , fear witches fear this and that! We make the world to see that the God of yesterday who made Pharaoh to perish in the sea is no more…He who made those who wanted to arrest prophet Elisha to fight themselves….The God who rained stones upon the enemy of Israel when Joshua was leading them, The God of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego! The God of Paul and Silas in the prison! The God of all flesh! The God of all possibilities… to be continued…

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