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Fixed and Variables

Jeremiah 32:17
….Behold, I am the Lord the God of all flesh. Is there anything too hard for me? Jer 32:27
It is very difficult for me to doubt the existence of God! It is also very difficult to doubt His ability! The Bible says ” HE IS ABLE TO DO EXCEEDINGLY , ABUNDANTLY” There is no man living on earth that can doubt the fact that there is God!
God is God! He has made all things beautiful! After the creation, He saw what He had made and saw the beauty, the glory and flavour that reside in all that He had made! As a matter of fact, He created all things including you and myself for His pleasure! He made us because of HIMSELF! He made us so that we can worship Him!
However, it impossible for God to take the place of man. He is the FIXED! Nothing can change His status, state, or strength! He is from everlasting to everlasting! Our status cannot change God’s status! Man’s disobedience cannot make Him unholy! He is God! He is our Father! Our Creator! Our Healer, Our Provider! He is our all in ALL……
Jeremiah made this statements” NOTHING IS TOO DIFFICULT FOR HIM”
We remain the variables! We are the determining factors! If God has not answer your prayers, it is not because He cannot, the fault will always come from us! God is not a liar! Whatever He has promised He is able to do it!
If the problem still persists, we should rather examine ourselves! We need to do our part because He will always do His own part!
He is still Mighty to save! He is still Mighty to heal! He is still your Provider! Our needs are nothing in the sight of God! If Sarah could give birth at that old age, what can He not do? If Red sea could be parted what can He not do? The Lame of over 40 years walked! He fed 5000 souls with just bread and fishes!What is it that He cannot do?
Don’t blame God! Examine yourself! He will not play man’s role! He cannot put the food in our mouth, He can only provide! He is still in the business of meeting all needs today! His time is not your time!
The Blind man cried! He played his own part! The woman with the issue of blood also played her own part! We are the one the will determine the extent to which we want God to take us! WE ARE THE VARIABLES! If we stop praying, it will never affect God! If we are faithless….HE STILL REMAIN FAITHFUL! Like the Sun that rises everyday, He is Faithful! Let us play our part consistently and faithfully and see what the Lord will do in our lives! I will continue tomorrow…..
Praying for you today that your faith will not fail! Your hope will not diminish! Your confidence in God and His word will not shatter! You will not live in confusion! Every difficult situation in your life will attract God’s attention! You shall testify! Amen!

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