Bearing Precious Seeds

…Bearing precious seeds
Psalm 126:6, Galatians 6:9
Seeds are insignificant when we compare it with the measure of the harvest. There is nothing significant that does not come from insignificant things! A barn of maize is a product of so many precious seeds of corn….. This is amazing!
He who continually goes out weeping……. The going out of a praying saint, a parent, a preacher, a soul winner, an evangelist, will not be easy! In the first place, he never stops going out, moving from place to place, without getting tired or giving up! He is faithful not counting the cost but doing it because it is urgent and important!
While doing it, he weeps! Which means that it is not going to be easy! We should not expect and easy adventure! Parenting is not going to be easy! soulwinning is not going to be easy! Pastoring a church is not going to be easy! Raising up disciples, or children will not be easy!
While this is on going, people will not see us, it is even advisable for you not to be seen so that you will not be discouraged. WEEPING!!! Are we finding what we are doing so easy? will it be easy at! Sowing the seeds of the gospel, training up a child, making a difference in life will not be easy at all! As a missionary, we have seen how much efforts we are making to win souls and yet the result sometimes will take a longer period of time!
While you weep, keep doing it! Don’t just weep, go with the seeds! The seeds are the spiritual things we have, the gospel message and the word of truth! The seeds are the little contributions we have to make in God given assignment! There is no seed sown with tears that will not bring the desired harvest!
….Shall doubtless come REJOICING! bringing in the sheaves with him! Our harvest is sure! The result will is definite and certain!
Paul says… IN DUE SEASON” You have not got the result yet because it is not the season yet! As a farmer, I have discovered that you don’t harvest until the crop is ripe! Wait for the Due season! Work tirelessly until then! Keep going out, keep working, don’t grow weary….Don’t be tired! Keep working! Never look at the pains…but the gains! The more the pains….the more the gains! We SHALL REAP! If we do not loose heart! God has not responded yet because it is not yet time! It is not yet time because He wants you to go out to work some more! Have you been giving to God’s work and you have not got any thing? Keep doing it… Your season is here! Blessings without measure will bring Joy unspeakable! The more the seed, the more the harvest! The more the giving, the greater the interest and the bigger the reward!
The hearts of men could be hard and difficult, don’t worry about that, keep sowing the seed of the gospel! Your works are not visible yet? That is how it looks when we are sowing! We must keep sowing and going, keep giving and giving….FOR WE SHALL REAP IN DUE SEASON! WE SHALL COME REJOICING!
I pray for you that you shall not miss your season, Your harvest shall not be wasted! You shall come rejoicing! Your labour shall be not be in VAIN! Be encouraged! Keep sowing, keep praying, keep giving, keep working, keep preaching…..WAIT FOR YOUR DUE DATE! You shall testify!