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…..And they lost their place! (1)

Acts 1:15-20, Psalm 69:25
“For you know that afterward, when he wanted to inherit the blessing, he was rejected, for he found no place for repentance, though he sought it diligently with tears” Hebrews 12:17
There is nothing in life that is automatic! Even though a child comes from a wealthy family with all pleasures and enjoyments he must also go through same process of life! The fact that one’s parent is a clergy does not mean that you don’t have to pray, read and walk with God personally! A son of a professor must go to school and graduate as well……
The fact that God called us and created us in a special way does not remove the fact that we can lose our place, opportunity and privileges! When these are lost, there is no prayer or fasting and crying that can take us back!
The Bible gives us a comprehensive lessons and detailed messages on those who lost their place….
1 ADAM AND EVE : Gen 3:6 They were created to live and enjoy the blessings of Eden! They enjoyed God’s daily presence and fellowship, until the devil deceived them! AND THEY LOST EDEN! They lost everything! God chased them away! The only thing that can make us to lose God’s glory and favour is sin! No matter how! Sin is simply disobedience to God’s instructions and commandments.
2 LOT: Genesis 13:8-10
Lot is just like so many of us today! He enjoyed the grace of Abraham, he was invited by his uncle to follow him to God’s appointed place! He obeyed and followed him.He enjoyed the blessings of Abraham and experienced increase! But when it matters most, he made a wrong choice! He chose Sodom! He lost his place! Recall that he lost everything in Sodom. We must be mindful of the choices we make while we enjoy the blessings of God! Nothing should take us far from God in any case and whatsoever the case! We must not choose for ourselves but always allow the will of God to prevail…….
ESAU : Genesis 27:34-35 ; 26:29-34
He was the first born, he was expected to naturally inherit the blessings of his father! He was loved by his father but did not love himself! The father did everything possible to bless him, but he worked against it by his wrong moves and emotional desires! Esau because of morsel of meat lost his place! he willingly gave it out because of his pressing need! What a lesson! We must not allow how present situation to decide for us! Our decisions must be based on futuristic factors! The present pains cannot be compared with the future gains! Those who lose their salvation, christian experiences because of money, husband, child, cloth or position are not wise at all! Hunger would not have killed him! There may have been alternatives! But his needs overshadowed the alternatives! He lost his place! He cried, but it was too late! …..And he lost his place! We must never allow our present needs to dictate or determine our decisions for us! Be careful for nothing! We must prayerfully and thoughtfully consider the steps we take and the decisions we make! The joy ahead cannot be compared with our emotional needs!
Praying for you today that you will not lose your place! You will not fall into the trap of the devil! The grace of God will be sufficient for you! You will live and walk consciously! You will not make a wrong choice! Your flesh will not prevail over you! Do have a great weekend!

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