Advancing God’s Kingdom!

Advancing God’s Kingdom!
Psalm 110:1; Matthew 22:44
…..Now is the judgement of this world ….the ruler of this world will be cast out; auf AND I if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to Myself!
We must be involved in the prophetic assignments and the fulfilment to advance God’s kingdom! Jesus Christ is no more the Son of David but the Son of God! He is tester the King of kings and the Lord of lords!  His strength, our source!
There is no other z way we can advance God’s kingdom except by His strength alone! Let me quickly give you some prayer requests along this line;
1 Emergency My soul , March wholesale jerseys on in strength
2God, may your hand be visible in everything I do 1 Samuel 2:9
3 Lord, give me the strength that can prevail 2 Samuel 22:3
4 wholesale NBA jerseys Lord, armed me with strength for every battle Psalm 18:32
5 Lord grant me the strength that will silence all the enemy Psalm 2:8
6 Lord, continue to be wholesale NBA jerseys the strength of my life Psalm Cepat 27:1
7 Lord me live my days Childhood by Your strength!
We need God’s strength to advance His kingdom! The arm of flesh will always fail us! Warning! We cannot build an enduring work with our strength! We must move , build , fight, live, cheap jerseys pray and Melbourne, survive by His strength! Paul says” a I CAN DO ALL THINGS” cheap NBA jerseys ….Moses wholesale NBA jerseys said ” cheap NFL jerseys BY THE STRENGTH OF HAND OF THE LORD BROUGHT wholesale jerseys YOU OUT OF THIS PLACE” Ex 13:3 …….May you do so much more by HIS strength today and for the rest of your life in Jesus name!