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At The Potter’s House

At The Potter’s House

Jeremiah 18:1-4

“But now O LORD, You are our Father; We are the clay, and You our Potter; And all we are the work of Your hand ” Isaiah 64:8

Every durable substance or material must have gone through a serious and a thorough process! Those who are willing and ready to go far with God must be ready to go through God’s process! Doing things our own way may not bring forth anything for us in the year! The best way to do things in the New Year is to learn to do it God’s way…..

The best good in the market must be very expensive! Those who allow God to make them are very few but they remain the desire of all nations!

Jeremiah was not given any message to the potter, he was expected to learn. Sometimes, God will rather allow us to keep quiet and learn rather than talking. Those who know God’s rules cannot miss God’s instructions! Let us follow God’s rule this year so that we can understand what exactly He is trying to tell us!

1 PREPARATION OF THE CLAY: God cannot announce those He has not prepared!

* The clay was taken out of the earth. Separation from sin, and every carnal attachment must come first before God can use us. Salvation from sin and separation to God are the vehicles that take us to God’s presence!

* TREADING OF THE CLAY. Treading is meant to soften every hardness for the best result upon the wheel! We cannot be at our best until we allow God to tread us, crush us and break us into pieces so that people can only see God. Every form of self must be crushed, pride, vain glory, and stubbornness must be crushed and removed until Christ is fully formed in us!

* MOULDING: It is only clay that goes through the softening that can make it to the wheel! We can smuggle ourselves to the wheel, but it is just a matter of time!

* The clay that makes it to the wheel is clay that has potential to make a great vessel! For God to work in us through us and for us in the days to come, we must allow Him to soften us.

MOISTENING: We need water in the year to avoid dryness! A dry clay is a useless clay! A dry clay will break on the wheel! God’s word will always refresh us! God’s Spirit will keep us useful and relevant! Those who are without God’s Spirit are no longer relevant to God!


We must allow God to bring out of us HIS BEST SHAPE! We cannot decide for God. Romans 9:20. If we want to enjoy God and be useful this year, we must submit ourselves to HIS WILL. Let God shape you, let Him make you, let Him make you…. He has the best option!

REFORMATION (Jeremiah 18:4) Even when we are not perfect, He is able to take us back and re make us! Let us discover our areas of imperfections and go back to Him for Reformation. It is a must for everyone who wants God to use him.

BURNING OF THE CLAY (Nahum3:14) Job says “When the Lord has tried me I will come out as gold!” Our trials, challenges and afflictions are designed by God to make us HIS OWN KIND OF PERSON! Let us endure, persevere, wait and remain steadfast!

PURPOSE 2 Tim 2:21 You were made by God for a divine purpose! You are a vessel of God to carry out a divine purpose! God took you through this processes to do a specific assignment.

Fulfil your purpose else we can be replaced!

PRAISE: For every achievement, for every success let us return all the praise back to Him!

FRAILTY: We are prone to break! Let us be careful!

May the Lord continue what He has started in your life, May He finish what He has started in your life to the glory of His name!

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