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The Spirit of Mission

The Spirit of Mission!
Acts 13:1-3
But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem………and to the end of the earth. Acts 1:8
It is quite unfortunate today that so many Christians who profess to be filled with the Holy Spirit cannot preach the gospel! The purpose of the Spirit of God they claim to have cannot be justified by their fruitless life! They speak in tongues, yet there is no urge and zeal, there is no passion or burden in their heart for those Jesus came to die for! They speak as if it was and utterance from the Spirit! The truth is, THERE CAN NEVER BE UTTERANCE WITHOUT THE POWER! The Spirit of God upon every believer is not only meant for us to do the will of God, but to be used of God to accomplish God’s purpose on earth! He comes upon me with a burden! THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD IS UPON ME…. Because He has anointed me to preach! He is the SPIRIT OF MISSION!
1 The Holy Spirit comes with a purpose! Christ sends Him upon us so that we can be witnesses .
2 He comes with a Vision! You can be truly filled and be vision! A life without a vision is a life without the Spirit! The church without the Spirit of God is a church without vision!
3 He comes with a burden! The Church in the new testament will fast and pray not because they want to kill an enemy but because they want direction and leading to go out to mission fields! Christians who are not bothered today about God’s mission on earth cannot claim to have the Holy Spirit! God does not give us what we dont use! He gives us something because of the assignment He has for us!
4 He comes for a Mission! The Spirit of God is upon us because of Mission! There are souls to rescue, there are souls that must be saved!
5 He comes with power! You are powerful because of mission! He Empowers us to pray for souls and those in captivity! He gives us power to go far and to do so much more! The grace and power of God upon our lives is for the work of the gospel!
6 His Focus is Global! ….To the end of the earth! Life does not end in our room! Life begins from our room to the ends of the earth! Your church is nothing compare with so much souls that scatter around the world! Africa has just 20.3% of the world’ surface area! Africa alone has 2110 languages! Africa alone has 2500 people! This cannot be the ends of our world! Be a global Christian! Think beyond the box of your church and ministry! Let us give to support the work of mission globally! Let us pray for unsaved around the world! Our church is just a small room out of the great city of God’s kingdom! GIVE, GO AND GROAN FOR CHRIST! After all, He came to die for the world! He loves the world! He sent His Son to the world…. Think more about the world! Pray for the world, be a global Christian! He cannot afford to lose a tribe!
Please pray……
Pray for Africa today, out of about 1.5 billion people in Africa, almost half of the continent has been Islamized! The muslim mission efforts have extended to nearly every country in Africa. Pray that God will revive churches in Africa to invest and do so much more because most of the villages have been captured by Muslims.
May God reward you as you pray …..Enjoy your day!

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