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The Challenge of Missions

The Challenge of Missions
Luke 10:2, 1Corinthians 9:17
O let us then His coming haste!
O let us end this awful waste,
Of souls that never die!
A thousand millions still are lost,
A Saviour’s blood had paid the cost,
O hear their dying cry!

The Master’s coming draweth near,
The Son of Man will soon appear,
His kingdom is at hand,
But ere that glorious day can be,
This Gospel of the kingdom we
Must preach in every land!
As much I the Lord will enable me, I am going to be sharing with you for sometime THE CHALLENGE OF MISSION.
As we begin our mission outreaches today across this world, we are all going with a serious burden! Jesus says ” THE HARVEST IS PLENTEOUS!
THE HARVEST IS GREAT! There is no arithmetic that can make the picture of the CHRISTLESS MILLIONS in the world today! 100,000 immortal souls are dying every second, Mighty city are being destroyed every 24 hours! The Muslims are in their millions! The Chinese population of about 2 billions, From Nigeria, to West Africa countries, Children are brutalized souls are perishing! To downtrodden Congo, Rwanda, Sudan is under satanic siege! From Africa to India, South America, Asia and North America!
There is so much to do! We much reach out to the NEGLECTED FIELDS OF THE WORLD!
There are so many pastors in the cities who are just sitting down in the church without adding any value to the church! So many churches are filled with leaders who will just sit down on service days to count offerings! We have been receiving sermons for years yet, we are not thinking about those WHO HAVE NEVER HEARD IT FOR ONCE!
Moffat, and David Livingstone did so much in South Africa! There were so many souls who are crying in hell today calling our names! YOU NEVER MENTIONED HIM TO ME!!! You know I dont have Christ, you are not bothered about it!
Mary Slessor left her country because of the souls in Nigeria! GOD HAS A SON, HE MADE HIM A MISSIONARY! What if Jesus had disobeyed God ? There is so much to do than for us to gossip! When we see sinners the way God is seeing them, we will rise up and do something! Every soul that has ever lived and that is still living can never die! THE HARVEST IS GREAT! THE WORK IS GREAT! We must arise….there is no time to waste! We must take the God’s message of love to the world!

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