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The Challenge of Missions

The Challenge of Missions.
Matthew 9:35-38
” Make us Thy warriors
One whom thou canst depend to stand the burnt
Of any perilous charge on any front;
Give to us skill to handle sword and spear,
From the rising of the morning till the stars appear.
There is no way a pastor of a church can handle the work of the ministry alone! It will be difficult to be the one taking every segment of the service! He needs, ushers, choirs, prayer team and so many others….. The truth is the work of the kingdom involves everybody.
Mission work is meaningless when only few people are responding! Jesus observed this while He was going about preaching. He saw people, He was moved! He saw their state and He was touched! He knew that this work needs more labourers!
Are we moved whenever we see sinners? What are we doing presently to support the work of world mission? Are we not dissipating too much energy and our resources on those that have heard for so many times?
The challenge of the harvest!
PLENTEOUS! We cannot do it alone! The work is great, it is enormous! The Lord needs you! There are so many souls that are still languishing in sin. They are ripe for harvest! The fields are ripe! We cannot afford to sit down and keep looking! THE SIZE OF OUR LOVE FOR GOD AND THE LOVE FOR THE LOST WILL DETERMINE THE SIZE OF OUR REWARD!
They are weary, and scatter everywhere because there is no one to lead them!
The Lord is still looking for more labourers! It will be an act of selfishness if Jesus had come to die for the world and some people have not heard about it! We must pray for mission work and souls who are yet to know God. We must give more to mission project than building project, we must invest so much more on world evangelism. We must visit a mission fields…
Most of the missionaries in Africa lack church support, we believe so much in our church and neglect the real work which is the KINGDOM WORK!
Our church is just a small room in the kingdom! We only give the church name, there is no name in heaven! We should rather be global in our thinking and dimensions than ever….
Please pray!
pray for the work we have just started among the Bukumes, Ewes, Zomba that it will yield result.
please pray for the provision as we are trusting God to provide resources to build fellowship centres for them.
pray for their spiritual growth and complete deliverance from idol.
pray for pst Egunjobi who is working presently among the Chinese in Nigeria.
Pray for our outreach to Gambia and Kebbi state.
Enjoy your week in Jesus name!

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