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Praying for Mission

Praying for Mission.
Acts 4: 23-31
…Ask of Me, and I will give you the NATIONS for your inheritance and the ENDS OF THE EARTH for your possession
The greatest battle I have ever read and seen is the Lord’s battle! THE ONLY BATTLE GOD RECOGNISES IN HEAVEN IS THE BATTLE FOR SOULS! Our personal challenges are not God’s concern at all because He is ever mindful of us! God is much more concerned with how people live the lives here and where they will end up!
I have attended vigils, seen church leaders spending the whole night to fight because they want to breakthrough! People now go to mountains, consult prophets because they want to destroy their household enemies! All these exercises are just waste of time and resources!
While souls are perishing, we are busy chasing shadows! I discover that it will be difficult to get to the point of satisfaction in life! GODLINESS WITH CONTENTMENT IS A GREAT GAIN, FOR WE BROUGHT NOTHING TO THIS WORLD…..
We need to engage in God’s battle in this end time! This is the real warfare! This is what God is so much concerned about! Our riches, fame, silver and gold will not take us to heaven! GOD IS NOT SAD BECAUSE WE ARE POOR OR WE HAVE THE POOR AROUND US, HE IS SAD BECAUSE WHEN THE POOR DIES WITHOUT CHRIST, HE IS GOING TO HELL!
We must rise up to pray for the Nations! We must intercede and pray for those who have not heard the gospel! This is the real warfare!
When Joshua was fighting the Lord’s battle, Moses hands were raised! Joshua would always triumph as long as Moses hands were raised! When the whole church team up together, all of us praying for missionaries, praying for the souls, VICTORY IS SURE!
Apostles gathered to pray, not because they needed promotion or breakthrough, but because of the burden they have for God’s mission! Our fellowships will shake, our churches will shake, our assemblies and meeting will experience the move of the Spirit of God if we are all ready to fight the Lord’s battle!
China has a population that is much more than the whole of Africa put together!
China has a population of about 1.331 billion. Out of this population, 83% has not been reached! We need men and women that will pray, give and go to China! So many of these people are all sold to Idols and strange gods!
The world population as at today is about 6.908 billion! Out of which 2.2 billions are Christians! Where are the intercessors! Where are the prayer warriors! Where are those who will stand in the gap for Joshua? What are you doing for God? Staying in your local church alone is not the best thing to do! We must be concerned about those who have never heard this gospel! Our lives will experience God’s presence, power and glory if we all rise up for the salvation of others! FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD! HE LOVES THE WORLD AS A WHOLE NOT YOUR CITY, TOWN OR COUNTRY! He loves all nations! He loves every tribe! The Che of China, Bambara of Gambia, Zomba of Benin and Yoruba of Nigeria….God is not thinking about your church alone , THE WHOLE WORLD IS IN HIS HEART!
Pray for Mission today! pray for China, pray for those that have never heard the gospel!
May your day be powerful in Jesus name!

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