Jesus Christ is a Missionary

Jesus Christ is a Missionary!
Matthew 18:11; Luke 9:56
….But that the world through Him might be saved” John 3:17
For God to have Only Son and to make Him a missionary is a timely message to everyone! Jesus could have chosen to stay up there in heaven but He chose to come and died for our sins!
He is a missionary who left the pleasure of heaven so that He can partake in our pains, and sorrows!
Without Jesus, we would have been completely destroyed by the devil!
He came to save us! His life in us qualifies us for heaven. He came to this world looking and seeking for the souls of men!
He was not anointed to judge men, He was not anointed to oppress, He was anointed to heal, save and deliver us from the power of sin.
What if Jesus did not come? What if He chose to stay in heaven the way many Christians are behaving today?
He came because He knew His father loves the world! He came because of love! This is what mission is all about!
If He has not come, our hope would have been dashed and shattered! our lives would have been completely ruined! YES HE CAME….Because of us! A missionary!
Wont you rather make up your mind to be a missionary? Wont you do something unusual on mission like Jesus did? Men that died are not dead permanently, there is a second death. Souls are still in dungeon, prisoners are on the increase! We must see men the way God sees them!
Bring joy to the faces of angels in heaven! Make your father happy today!
Go and groan for the lost souls! Our Father’s heart still bleed for the souls of men!
About 6909 languages are in the world!
From Africa to North America,
From Latin America to Europe,
From Asia to Pacific,
From Caribbean to the ends of the earth.
He loves them! He loves sinners! Make me a missionary!
If you are the only begotten son of God, will be a missionary like Jesus?