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Disciplining The Nations

Disciplining The Nations
Matthew 28:18-20
….”And the word of God spread and the numbers of the disciples multiplied greatly” Act 6:7
According to Rick Warren” A life of discipleship is understood in terms of of living out these five purposes;
Worship..His heart desire is to please God! He learns how to obey God in all things.
Fellowship…He is an active member of the fellowship.
Discipleship … He is groomed to be like Christ.
Ministry……. He is shaped for service, he lives this out continually.
Mission ….He knows what the love of God is all about and willing to share this in all nations.
The church is raised and made for this purpose! This was the last instruction our Lord Jesus gave before He left this world… GO YE THEREFORE AND MAKE DISCIPLES OF ALL NATIONS!
Again, we should note this that His focus is “ALL NATIONS” We are commanded to go and make disciples….
As a missionary, I discover that it is so expensive to make a disciple! Perhaps, more expensive that the most expensive car that man has ever used! No wonder Jesus Himself personally spent over 3 years preparing them for this great work! It is easier to preach than to make disciples! And this is the responsibility of the church! God is looking for men and women who will not be afraid of the devil and stand for the truth come what may!
Where disciples are not raised, Rebels are groomed! A church that is not making disciples is raising rebels! When every rebel leaves you, disciples will remain! They are ready to die for the course they were trained for! How can we go about it?
1 Invest! I want to please plead with you beloved to invest in every young convert you may have. We are looking for those that will support mission work by investing into the lives of so many converts we have. They need bibles study materials, we must empower them, some of them are widows, some are homeless and rejected,some are facing persecution and so on.
2 Involve. We cannot get the best out of them without getting them involve. We involve them in our spiritual activities and fellowship meetings, making them to see their relevance in the body of Christ!
3 Intimate… “Teaching them to observe all things” We must let them know God’s holy word. The Bible is the only manual and course material every disciple needs to succeed in their walk and work with God!
4 Inform…. We must not keep them away from the purpose of God for their lives! Let them know what God’s purpose for the Church and how they are expected to carry it out.
Prayer focus:
pray for India today! INDIA has a population of about 1.2 billion. With over 2000 peoples. 88% of them have not heard about Jesus! Pray that God will draw to Himself those He has appointed for salvation among them! Break down the stronghold of Hinduism and every other strange religion…..
Pray for resources to equip all our converts adequately do that we can disciple them effectively!
May your life experience God’s mighty hand today and always in Jesus name!

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