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When THE KING Returns!

When THE KING Returns!

Revelation 19:11- 21; Psalm 24:7-10

…And the King of glory shall come in.

Whenever there is a serious contest, war, conflict and struggle, it is a clear indication that something significant is about to take place! As a prophet, the Lord has made me to see from the bible that THE DEVIL WILL ALWAYS TRY TO PREVENT TO THE FULFILMENT OF BIBLICAL PROPHECIES!

The present state of things across the globe is a clear indication that THE KING IS ABOUT TO RETURN! The devil is significantly mobilizing armies against the One who will reign and rule forever!

There is no doubt about it that the battle is fierce! The enemy is fighting! The strength of men are failing! It is the time for us to TEAM UP WITH JESUS!

While this contest is going on, Satan subtlety crept into the church to deceive. There are strange doctrines which is also known as THE DOCTRINES OF THE DEVIL. He is doing everything to divert, distract the church of God! We have many more hypocrites in the church now than ever! Doctrines of prosperity has replaced that of obedience, holiness, and faithfulness! We teach people more on how to make money than how to know God! We must not be deceived!

The World is not our standard! The Bible is our standard! We are not here to please anyone but to please God! Hope he has not deceived you? 1Peter 5:8 says “Be sober, be vigilant because your adversary the devil like a roaring lion….. DONT BE DECEIVED! Your problems or challenges is not a big deal! Let us serve God together in the New Year! Let us TEAM UP WITH JESUS! He is the ONLY ONE WHOSE RULE SHALL NEVER END!

When the KING returns:

All our challenges and battle shall come to an end! No more pain, tears, prayers and fight!

All our worries and fears shall come to an end! He is the only answer and the final answer to every question!

All Nations, Muslims, pagan, unbelievers and those who have spent their entire lives to serve the devil shall submit to HIM!


What must we do?


Preach the word! Evangelize! Let us reach out to the unreached! Invest in Mission! Support the Mission work! Pray for more laborers! Pray for the unreached! Go and preach! Pray for missionaries! Care for those who are going! THIS IS WHAT THE KING IS DOING RIGHT NOW! Let us join our hands with Him! BE RELEVANT FOR HIM NOW BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!

May the King finds you worthy and faithful at this time! May you be available for the King at the time! THE KING IS COMING……Are we ready?

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