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The Little Benjamin

The Little Benjamin

Psalm 69:24-27, 1Samuel 9:21

…. “He gives grace to the humble” James 4:6

It will be very difficult to enjoy God if we are not humble! Those who are truly enjoy the grace and the mercies of God at this time are the humble! The Nature of God is humility! I have seen leaders in Nigeria and beyond who have graduated in status from Pastor to Reverend, from Rev to Bishop and on and on …. But the Bible says “FROM EVERLASTING TO EVERLASTING YOU ARE THE SAME” We cannot match God! We cannot claim God’s place! Those who will enjoy the lifting of God must surrender their arms, ego and treasures!

In our text this morning, we see the PROCESSION OF GOD. Their leader was the little Benjamin! EVERY AVAILABLE OPPORTUNITY IN GOD’S HANDS AND PRESENCE IS FOR THE HUMBLE! It was when King Saul was little in his eyes that God chose him. His tribe was the least in Israel and that was were God chose the leader for His people! THOSE WHO THINK THEY ARE SOMEBODY CANNOT AMOUNT TO ANYTHING IN LIFE!

1 Learn humility from God. It takes humility for God to make man like Him! In HIS IMAGE! How many rich or wealthy people today can do that? Can we buy the same clothes for the poorest person around us? Can we give the poor the same food we eat? God is humble!

2 Learn humility from Jesus! Phil 2:8 says He humbled Himself! His birth, suffering and pains are not because He was powerless but a sign of humility! Those who know they have God will rather allow God to fight for them.

3 Learn humility from God’s sanctuary! THE LITTLE BENJAMIN IS THEIR LEADER! The truth of the matter is that we cannot lead people to God’s presence if we are not humble! We serve people, not to lead them! We are only qualify to lead others when we are humble! We are not competent or qualify to be the head of any group, unit or association as long as pride is still in us! We must not recommend anyone who does not see himself as LITTLE to lead! Even if there is nobody, wait on God and keep working on them until they become so little! IT IS BETTER NOT TO HAVE ANYBODY THAN TO HAVE THE PROUD!

The grace of God everybody is claiming today is only meant for the humble!

4 The true sacrifices that attract God is that of a broken spirit and a contrite heart! God makes the insignificant powerful! He chooses foolish things to confound the wise! We are not God’s servant unless we possess God’s nature! HUMILITY! Let us grow more in humility not in title! Let our prayers be YOU MUST INCREASE I must decrease…..

THE LITTLE BENJAMIN SHALL LEAD GOD’S ARMY! May the Lord God make you that little Benjamin?

May the Lord God burn completely out of our lives pride and clothes us with humility.

May you enjoy and experience HIS grace in every area of our lives!


Enjoy you day in Jesus name!

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