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Psalm 24:3-6

…”And the house of Jacob shall possess their possession” Obadiah 1:17

One of the greatest asset a child of God has is to be called by God’s name! When God’s name comes before any name we may be called…. HE IS THE GOD OF JACOB! Is HE your God? 1John 3:1-3 says” Behold what manner of love, that we should be called the sons of God”

Jacob took the advantage of everything he had to get into God’s heart. Although there are prophecies before now and there will be more, we all have our roles to play in their fulfilment.

JACOB’S GENERATION here on earth are those that understand the mystery of God’s grace and plan of salvation. They make use of this advantage to fulfil God’s purpose for their lives.


1 They are Holy within and without. Psalm 24: 4 Holiness of heart and hands will take us farther than were prayers can never take us!

Job 17:9 says He who has a clean hands will be stronger and stronger! Our works here will determine how far we can go! Enoch knew this secret and made up his mind to walk with God! WHAT WE DO WITH OUR HANDS WILL DETERMINE SO MANY THINGS ABOUT US!

Matthew 5:8 says” Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God” True blessings come only when our hearts are pure! God will always reveal His mind to those whose heart are pure!


..This is the generation that seek God’s face! YOU CANNOT BE HOLY AND NOT DEVOTED TO GOD! Those who are separated to God will long to seek His face! Their devotion to God is uncommon! Just like when Jacob took his family back to Bethel! Just like when Jacob had encounter with Jesus in the Night! Just like the dream of ladder where angels ascend!

Their ultimate purpose is to seek God’s face. Complete devotion to God is the only way to bring God’s blessings into our lives! We must make up our mind to seek no other person than God!  We can only defeat the strong man when our devotion to God is total! Devotion makes God interested in all they we do! It is a way of getting HIM involved in every area of our lives!

MAY THIS BE YOUR PRAYER” ONE THING I HAVE DESIRE OF THE LORD, THAT WILL I SEEK” that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life.

TO BEHOLD THE BEAUTY OF THE LORD and to inquire in His temple” Psalm 27:4, 8 .May this be your prayer this morning!

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