Passion for God’s Love

Passion for God’s Love!
Romans 8:35-39
…The things God has prepared for those who love Him!
Everything we have will be tested! There is nothing a believer, church worker or a minister has that will not go through the test of God!
At this close of age, God is testing how truly we love Him! We live in such a time when it is very difficult to love God. The temptations, challenges and battles are on the increase………”AND BECAUSE INIQUITY SHALL ABOUND, THE LOVE OF MANY SHALL WAX COLD”
Demas forsook Paul because of his love for this present world. Judas betrayed Jesus because of his love for money!
The Church in Ephesus left her first love! Peter, for the sake of his business left Jesus and went back to what he left behind!
We must remember how we started our race, how we met the Lord, what we used to do at that time, and the way we used to do it. Are we doing it the same way today?
In times like these, we need to make up our mind to love Christ passionately! What God has reserved in heaven is meant for those who love God truly!
Tribulation, distress, persecution, famine, nakedness, peril…things present or things to come”
People go to church, they serve God, pray or fast not because they love God but because of what they want from Him! As long as He gives me what I want from Him, I will love Him! This is not true love!
We must not God whether things are smooth or rough! Even if there is no money, no clothes. Even when it seems our prayers are not being answered!
If there is anything we must express our true love for Him, this is the time! When things seems not to be working, when the rate of unemployment, crimes, betrayal and deceit is increasing! We must declare like Paul, I will love you in every situation….
What we are going through should not affect our
Fellowship with Him
Our Obedience to Him
Our Service to Him
Our Love for those who are without Christ.
passion for souls is the result of our love for Him, giving to support the work of soul winning is a serious commitment we must make at this time! Burden to pray for those who are not saved is another way we can express our love for Him!
If God could release His Son for love’s sake, what can you release for Him? If Christ should died for our sins, why is it difficult for us to suffer for Him?
What shall separate you from the love of Christ?

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