MISSION REPORT – Sierra Leone – June 2017

We give God all the glory for our last outreach to some countries in West Africa. It was a month outreach which enabled us to carry out rigorous mission work in Sierra Leone and other five countries. Here are some of the few highlights of our activities:
— There was a leadership and mission training for over 100 pastors, church leaders and workers in two different locations. Koidu city, which is the capital city of Kono and Bangabaya. (morning-evening)

_ So many missionaries were raised during the outreach and the fire of revival was ignited even in the city.
—- We covered over 15 villages and slept in virtually all the villages for village to village outreach. A village has a minimum number of about 250 souls.
—- About 3500 souls were reached in total and so many we could not even number gave their lives to Jesus.
—-115 young converts were baptized in all these villages and centers.
— There were revival and crusades in some centers and God transformed lives.
— There was an open doors to preach in the radio ,answer questions for one hour to thousands of souls.A journalist was sent to attend our training while live interview was conducted as well.
—-We now have two mission churches in some locations in Sierra Leone.
— There was a community meeting with Maima community as we discussed our on going farming project in this village.
—- There was a prophetic prayers in Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso, and Togo.


We thank God for what He has started in this country. Some of our achievements include;
1 We have started believers class in all the locations where we have worked. Missionaries we trained have been sent to all the locations for follow up through this program.
2 We have started a combined monthly meeting for all our trained disciples and missionaries.
3 There is an opportunity to get land to build a training center in the big Koidu city.
4 Registration of the ministry with the national government has started. We have members who are fully in charge of our activities.
5 Regular radio program whenever we are in country.
6 We are sending missionary to Guinea by January next year.
7 We have started mission school to raise and train more missionaries.

I want to personally encourage you to do so much more as God enables you to support our Ministries:.
We trekked long distances.
I was without food and cash for days.
So many instances I lost my voice
Traveling for days on the road is such a tedious and cumbersome activities.
The materials were not enough at all.
We need so much more because the needs are increasing!
We are pleading for more of your support so that we can continue with this work of the kingdom.

Thank you so much for your prayers, supports and encouraging words.  May the Lord God continue to bless and increase you in Jesus name!