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I Discipline my body

…I Discipline my body!
1 Corinthians 9:24-27
“For if you live according to the flesh you will die” Romans 8:13
While so many people invest so much to fight the devil, they do not bother about their body! Our flesh and not the devil is our real enemy! The flesh is so powerful to the extent that it has the ability to take decisions for us!
As long as we are still putting on this garment of flesh we are not free from it.
The flesh is so strong enough that it will only take the power of the Spirit, walking in the Spirit to overcome it.
The flesh has no respect for any one. David is still our living example today! We also have men like Moses Gehazi, Ananias and his wife who were defeated by this flesh!
No matter how highly spiritual and anointed we are, we must always be conscious of the flesh! HE WHO CONQUERS THE FLESH, HAS OVERCOME THE DEVIL!
The devil cannot use those who are not ruled and controlled by their flesh! Those who walk daily in the spirit cannot be slaves to their flesh!
We must learn from Paul who has achieved what no man has ever achieved!
“But I discipline my body” I put it under control” This is our daily exercise! This is what we need to do on daily basis! The flesh will stop to control us when we die!
1 Those who have fallen and will fall are those who find it difficult to control their emotions!
Esau … It was food
Moses.. it was anger
Gehazi… it was greed
David…. it was woman
Samson .. It was woman
There are so many easily besetting sins that our flesh is demanding from us today. We must master our emotions!
Whatever our body demands from us, we must always check from the word of God. We must not yield to the demands of the flesh!
The flesh is powerful enough to prevent us from making heaven! Whatever plan God has in store for us, the flesh can prevent it from coming to pass……No matter what, DISCIPLINE YOUR BODY!
The flesh shall not have dominion over me!
please pray along with us! pray that God will continue to work with us… pray for all our fields and all faithful servants of God that they will not labour in vain.
pray for Nigeria and Borno state this morning……..
May the Lord grant you total victory over flesh in Jesus name!

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