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Philippians 3:20
…” From which we also eagerly wait for the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ”
Everything that has a beginning will surely come to an end! There is no serious Christian that should not take his walk with God more seriously now than ever!
We do not belong to this place! I teach our young converts across the Nations that there will be no language barrier when we get to heaven!
We may all be Nigerian by birth, but our real country is in heaven! We may all be living here for now, it is just for the main time! Everything we are going through will all end here! Your pains, tears, challenges can never cross with you to the other side!
1 He has gone home ahead to prepare Mansions for us John 14:1
2 He is coming very SOON to take us home.
3 The best place to be, the safest place to be is where our Savior is!
4 Heaven is a prepared place for prepared people. We must be ready now than ever!
5 We are all strangers and pilgrims here…..Heaven is our home!
6 As rich and wealthy as Abraham and others were… They still desire A BETTER COUNTRY WHOSE BUILDER IS GOD!
What must we do more than ever
* Be vigilant and watchful ….Do the watching as much as you pray. 1Peter 5:8
* Set your affections on things above Col 3:1-3
* Invest in Kingdom projects, Remember the poor and the fatherless…. Lay up your treasures in heaven! What have done so much is waiting for you in heaven! The Size of your investments will determine the Size of your reward.
* Be Mission Minded Matthew 28:18-20. This was His last message before He left the world! We must be more active in soul winning and world evangelization. * Stay with fellow citizens .Always stay around heavenly minded people. Attend churches that prepare you more for heaven and lay emphasis on Mission.
* Live the rest of your life for Christ
* Endure! There is no sense in starting a journey that you are not going to finish! Endure hardness! Endure those challenges! Dont be tired!
* Abound in God’s work 1 Cor 15:58 . There is nothing done for God that is vain! Give God the best of your time, talent and treasure….We shall reap if we faint not! Reaping time is a happy time! Reward time is such a beautiful time for those who have LAID ALL AT HIS FEET! Heaven is beautiful! Heaven is blissful! You should excited about this! Heaven is our home! You must not miss the FLIGHT! Do have a wonderful week…IN JESUS NAME!

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