The Real Dominion

The Real Dominion!
Romans 6:14
.”.For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death”Romans 8:2
I have heard preachers, fellow believers and workers in the church of God fighting and waging war against the devil! Some people lay to much emphasis on Spiritual warfare without teaching their congregation on how exactly believers can enjoy and experience dominion!
The truth of the matter is that there is no way we can fight and defeat the wicked one and spiritual forces with sin in our lives! He who has conquered sin has technically defeated the devil. The devil does not have power over any one who is free from sin! That was the reason he deceives before he afflicts! He tempted Adam and Eve before he came with every other packages! Immediately the fell into his hands, then affliction came.
Paul says ” For sin shall not have dominion over me” This is the real issue! The devil is not your problem! He will continue to carry out his activities on the surface of the earth! But, we must do everything to live above sin. Sin is the problem of man. Sin is the problem of the world! JESUS DIED NOT BECAUSE SATAN, HE DIED BECAUSE OF OUR SINS! Let us make up our minds as we begin another month and of course another year to enjoy our dominion over sin! Sin kills! Sin corrupts! The wages of sin is death! Sin is deadly! There is no deadly disease that is as powerful as sin! Sin is a deliberate disobedience against God! EVERY ANTI GOD ACTION IS A SIN! ANYTHING THAT GOD CANNOT DO IS A SIN! We are made in His image, we must be like HIM!
Dont claim God’s promises without dealing with sin first! It is deadlier than the most deadly poison! Have dominion! We must deal with sin so that we can enjoy more of God! How?
1 Through the blood of Jesus! It is still flowing till now…But it will cease to flow VERY SOON! Anything that can remove sin is powerful enough to deal with anything! It is only the medicine that is powerful enough to deal with any sin!
2 Obedience to the law of the Spirit! Allow the laws of the Spirit of God to guide you! The law will never allow you to act contrary to the will of God!
3 Daily sacrifice of the body! We must offer our entire body unto God! We must give every part of our body for God’s use. Our feet is for the gospel! our mouth is for prayer our hearts and mind is dedicated for God’s kingdom!
4 Faith that conquers! This man says ” For sin shall not have dominion over me” We must walk in the realm of faith each day, knowing fully well that dominion of sin is the real dominion…….
Pray in faith, believe this word of faith and live by this faith!
We cannot enjoy what God has for us now and in heaven without living a life of dominion…..We most deal with what the devil has used over the years to destroy nations, people, leaders and even disciples! Sin is deadly! No sickness is as dangerous as sin! It kills permanently! We must make up our mind to live a life of dominion over sin!
May the blood of Jesus do everything your soul, spirit and body need in this month, May you enjoy complete dominion in every area of your life…… Welcome to your month of dominion!