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Matthew 6:10
We live in such a time when everybody seems to be praying! People attend prayer meetings, prayer mountains and special prayer services to seek God’s face for so many reasons! I have led prayers and vigils so many times. But after a long walk with God, the Lord made me to understand that it would have been better for these people to spend their time on something else than THESE KINDS OF PRAYERS! We should ask ourselves today what exactly is our motives when we go to God in prayers?
Unfortunately, Muslims, herbalists, and all other religions are now involved in this exercise! The question is are we really praying? When should we pray? Why should we pray? where should we pray? How do I pray?
Most of the prayers today are motivated by selfish interest and pride! People pray because of selfish ambition and motive! They pray not because of what God has taught them but because of what they want from God!
1 Am I praying? Are you praying? Are we really praying? The answer to this question is not far fetched. The result we are getting will speak for us. People go to God today to seek His face for what they want and not what He wants. They ask Him to do so many things for them and promise to serve Him if He would grant them all their requests.
Jesus teaches us in His model prayer that Our prayer must be motivated by God! We must first seek His kingdom in our lives! The devil has taken so many domains, we are His agents, His army! We are to seek His kingdom first in our prayers! God wants to rule and reign across the nations! He wants His kingdom to be fully established in the hearts and souls of men! Are we really seeking His kingdom first in our prayers? Are your requests all about Christ’s kingdom? Are we praying to advance His kingdom in the earth of men? EVERY PRAYER THAT IS NOT KINGDOM CENTRED AND MOTIVATED IS A WASTE OF TIME! The motive behind every prayers will determine the attention God will give to it! A prayer that seeks to advance and establish God’s rule cannot be denied by God! Are we bothered about God interest in our prayers? In every prayers, He comes first!
This is the second prayer point! The truth is that every prayer must begin from God and end with God! We can only TEAM UP with God and partner with Him! Your prayer is not about you but about Him! We do not pray because of US , we PRAY BECAUSE OF HIM! His will should come first! His will must be done! We love Him first! THE ONLY HONOR WE CAN GIVE TO GOD IS FOR HIM TO COME FIRST IN EVERYTHING WE DO! He must come first! He must be honored!
His will must be done! What exactly is God asking us to do for Him at this time? What are those issues bothering God at this time? What is the only food and acceptable offering we must give God at this time? IT IS TO WIN SOULS FOR HIM! This is God’s will, He wants all men to be saved! His kingdom must be established in the hearts of men! He is not interested in the death of sinners! Pray for souls around you! Pray for the unsaved! Use your time to pray souls into God’s kingdom! Souls cannot die! No living sinner can escape God’s anger! Pray for mission! Give your best to advance God’s kingdom….SUPPORT THOSE WHO ARE DOING IT, PRAY FOR MISSIONARIES you will see God’s mighty hand in your life!
Please pray that God’s kingdom will be established among the Muslims! Pray for His unusual move among them! …May His KINGDOM COME AND BE ESTABLISHED IN YOUR LIFE, MAY HIS WILL BE DONE IN EVERY AREA OF YOUR LIFE ….IN JESUS NAME!

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