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For Yours is the Kingdom

For Yours is the Kingdom!
Matthew 6:13
Everything that God created obeys God’s rule and Lordship except man! The Sun has never failed, the moon, the stars and even the ground will never stop yielding fruits! God instructed the animals, fishes, vegetables to serve man! The trees in the forest, the water all acknowledge the Lordship and the rule of God!
Man on the other hand as a result of the the devil’s instruction and craftiness find it difficult to OBEY GOD! There can never be a furniture, electronics, etc in the house without somebody putting it there! All these we enjoy were made by God for our use! He must then be worship!
1 He owns the KINGDOM! He owns us, our present, our past and future! He is ALMIGHTY! He therefore deserves our worship! We must give Him our all!
2 For Yours is the kingdom in the past means there has never been any powerful man that can usurp God! He has been the One in charge!
3 At present, His is the Kingdom! We must team up with Him to advance His course and kingdom on earth! Every sincere and genuine child of God must seek to advance His kingdom on earth! The more Kingdom we take now, the more nations we shall rule and reign in eternity! HIS IS THE KINGDOM EVEN UP TILL NOW! We must not allow the devil to deceive us! We must not give him any space! We must take kingdoms for HIM!
4 For Yours in the kingdom in the future: His rule has no end! Nobody can replace Him. He shall reign forever!
5 Every Kingdom rule comes with power and glory! He has all power! To Him belongs all the glory! The devil cannot create, he can only duplicate! His power is nothing because he is a creature like us! God alone has all the powers! His power has no end, His glory has no end! There is nothing left for anybody! We must therefore submit our whole life to Him!
Worship Him
Obey Him
Serve Him…..There is nothing that is too much that we can give to HIM who owns the KINGDOM! He who owns the kingdom owns the power and the glory from now till eternity!
Please pray for the Syria, Iraq and places control by ISIL this morning. Pray and take more kingdom for Christ today.
pray for our young converts among the Ewes, Bukumes , Zomba and Togo.
pray for provisions to care for all these people and churches.
May the power and the glory of Christ be evident in your life…

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