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John 15:1-2

…”Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth and subdue it”

God has not created anything for no reason! He has created all things for HIS pleasure and glory! We can only reflect the beauty of God as long as our existence or presence is felt! If a mango tree will not fail to bring forth in its season, and all animals keep giving God the glory by their service to man, then God is not expecting anything less from us!

We must live a productive life! Our presence in any field, office, school or assembly must be felt! We cannot just expect God to be happy after spending a whole day, month, or year talking, or playing while there is so much to do! God is not happy when a believer finds himself in a place and he is not productive! Some people will be so busy gossiping and telling stories from morning till evening.

1 Every day is a gift from God. Not everybody has this opportunity! As God gives, He expects so much from us!

2 God removes every branch that is not productive! We must justify the gift of a new day! Let us redeem the time by the quality of life we live..

3 Anything that takes our heart will take our strength! we must give our best! Where ever we are today, we must see God as our primary boss! He employs us for a purpose! Our soul spirit and body must be put into it. He is the rewarder!

God has blessed us, He has perfected our lives, we can only justify our existence on earth by being productive. We should rely on God for help because those who are productive cannot miss divine promotion!

Let us bring forth our fruits! Let the people see the beauty of God in our lives! We must shine! We are the BIBLE! People read us more! Our Character and content must give glory to God! We must work so hard! Labour fervently! Be active! Get involved! Whatsoever your hands find to do; do it with all your might! New ideas, vision, inspirations and understanding are some of the fruits of productivity!

Every Christian that is not productive, his life cannot bring glory to God! Those cannot justify their presence where they are; They are a disgrace to God!

Make up your mind to add value or we lose our value!

May you live a life that will truly bring glory to God throughout this year?

May your presence in that place reflects God’s beauty!

May your works and fruits attract people that will gracefully favor you!

May the Lord finds you worthy of His calling and grace!

Do have a great week ahead!

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