The Prize Giving Day

The Prize Giving Day!
Philippians 3:12-14
….” I strain to reach the end of the race and receive the PRIZE”
I have noticed from Paul letters that whatever a man wants to do or become is a personal decision! So many times Paul would have to personalize his dreams, desires and goals here and his plans for that which is to come! He does not play or allow anybody to do this for him!
I PRESS ON, I MAY LAY HOLD, THIS ONE THING I DO,……I PRESS TOWARD THE GOAL FOR THE PRIZE” These statements are not general, it was his personal decision! This is the summary of Paul’s life.
Making heaven, serving God, keeping our eyes on the prize is our personal decision! You must not allow anybody to decide for you when to serve God, how to please God, when to preach and when not. The Bible should guide us.
A student that refuses to finish his semester examinations or session should not expect to be given any prize! Every child whose dream is to win a prize would have made that personal decision before every other factor could work. No matter how much investment a parent put in an in child that is not ready to work, it will not yield anything!
For every believer, there is a PRIZE for us! A call to die is a call to receive the prize! It is therefore important for us to STRAIN ourselves so that we can receive the prize!
EVERY SUCCESS COMES WITH A STRESS! Every PRIZE comes with a PRICE! But our personal decision to win the prize will keep on pressing on! When our eyes are on the prize, you need nobody to motivates you, cheer you up to continue! For every over comer, there is a CROWN! YOU MUST WIN YOUR CROWN!
If God should open our eyes to see our crowns, we would have done so much more than this!
We cannot afford to sit down! We cannot afford to keep quiet! We are not working for anyone…. God is our Master!
1 THE RACE :This is our course outline! The scope of our service, the work you must do. We must finish it if we want any price! Dont be tired! It may be stressful! THE BIGGER THE STRESS…. THE BIGGER THE REWARD! THE BIGGER THE PRAYER, GIVING, SERVICE, THE BIGGER THE PRIZE…..Every pain comes with a gain!
2 THE TIME: The time frame is not long! There is a reduction each time we complete the day’s work. It will come to an end one day! Time to live, Time to Leave….
3 THE PRIZE: If we have seen it for once, we would have loved to do so much more! No currency on earth can buy it! There is nothing on earth that worth the prize! It is real, it certain it can only be given at the end of the race.
4 THE REWARDER! There is no man that can give us what God has in store for us! God is our rewarder! He is the faithful Judge! He sees everything, knows everything and will ultimately reward ALL THINGS!
Keep working, there is no man that lays his hands on the plough and look back that is qualified for the Prize!
….My Hands are still on the plough, My eyes are fixed on the PRIZE! What about you?
Pray for mission agencies and missionaries.
Nigerian missionaries are facing so many challenges today. pray for God’s help for them to carry on whatever the situation .
Pray for our brother Mark Rushell Who is working presently in the largest field in Philippines that God will provide for him.
I am pressing on, what about you….. working and waiting for the PRIZE!