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1 Cor 9:24-27, 2 Timothy 4:6-8
….”So that I may finish my race with joy” Act20:24.
There is no sense in starting a project, race or journey that we are not going to finish! Every graduate of a University must not only finish the academic years but also passes every required course! You are not a victor until you fight and win! We dont deserve a medal when we find it difficult to finish the race! NO CROSS , NO CROWN….
Starting well is relatively easy, Finishing well is a different matter! Getting married is exciting and relatively easy. Staying married through the struggles, adjustments and trials is not always an easy matter!
Becoming a Christian is relatively easy; hanging in there as a christian in a world that is hostile to God and His people is the real issue!
Christian race is not a 100m dash, it is a marathon..A VERY LONG DISTANCE RACE! We must make up our mind to finish whatever may be the case! How can I finish?
1 Always review your past. Paul could say he had finished because he spent his entire life serving God. He has been able to REPRODUCE himself, he had made so many disciples for Christ! How have you spent the past 21 days? What impact have you made in God’s kingdom since you gave your life to Jesus? Can we boldly say we have made so many disciples for Christ?
2 Live your present as a sacrificial offering unto God. A life sold out completely unto God cannot be used by the devil! We must present our lives as a drink offering unto God. Those who give their body to God cannot be slaves or servants of sin. Rom 12:1 Our service, giving , going, groaning are sacrifices to God! We do this on a daily basis!
3 Keep that day in view! The only thing that keeps an athlete going despite the tiredness, pressures from the flesh and the world is the PRIZE! The only thing that keeps a wrestler getting up even after several fall is the belt! Our struggles, sufferings and pains have expiring date! Two things will happen when we get to the finish line;
* We shall see the Righteous Judge .Have we been cheated, robbed or persecuted? We shall see Him face to face! When I see Him face to face, all my pains will disappear! Joy will fill my heart!
* We shall receive the crown . Reward time! He will reward your labours, your giving, your efforts, your prayers and your love for souls!
Keep the joy that lies ahead in view! Keep the profit at the end of the business in view! Keep the joy of the harvest in view! Your labour is not in vain! Endure some more! There is no point considering the option of quitting! It will soon be over! Why should we start when we know we are not going to finish? Why are we going to church when we know we are not going to finish? Why starting a project since we know we are not going to finish? Why are we in the ministry since we know we are not going to finish? WE MUST FINISH…You must finish, I must get to the finishing line! IT MUST END WELL!
Keep fighting the good fight!
Finish Your course!
Keep the TRUTH in the world of deception and unfaithfulness……
Look ahead of you, there is a crown! For you alone! Will you miss this?
May you finish well in Jesus name! May your race end up in joy! May you fight and win the battle against our soul! May you have the strength to keep yourself in the truth! THERE IS NO REST FOR THOSE WHO WILL NOT GET TO THE FINISH LINE!
please pray for Middle East today! It is the most dangerous zone in the world . That people will see JESUS Amidst this crisis!
Enjoy your weekend….

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