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Persevere in HOPE!

Persevere in HOPE!

Romans 8:24-25

…”That by two immutable things in which it is impossible for God to lie, we might have strong consolation, who have fled for refuge to lay hold of the HOPE SET BEFORE US!

There is no how we can talk about faith without hope! You hope for what we eagerly wait for! We hope for the promises yet to come to pass! Hope is the fuel that keeps the vehicle of our faith in God moving! You don’t expect what you are not hoping for!

Whatever God has promised us we are not only expected to wait for it, we must persevere in hoping for it!

God is not a liar! HE CANNOT LIE! IT IS NOT POSSIBLE FOR GOD TO LIE! If any other thing fails, God cannot fail! We all need to persevere!

1 Jesus is the source of hope. Col 1:27 those who are without Christ are hopeless! Without Christ, there is no hope! We are only persevering because HE lives in us!

2 Hope abides as long as the earth remains! 1Cor 13 says “And abides Hope” We must persevere in the hope of what HE has promised us here and things to come! THE HOPE OF HEAVEN!

3 Our hope is living! Ours is not a dead hope! We must ensure that we are hoping for what God has promised us and not what any mortal must have promised! A living hope will not only take care of the present needs, it will also take care of things to come! 4 There is nothing that should bring joy and happiness to our hearts than THE HOPE OF WHAT HE HAS PROMISED! When we are sorrowful or sad; it is simply because we are hopeless! Let us keep our hope alive! Persevere…. IT WONT BE LONG!

What are we expected to do in the New Year?

1 Hope in God’s word Psalm 119:147 Whatever God has said in His Word, consider it! Meditate on His word! Never allow anything to take the word of God away from you! His word is as real as HIM! His word is potent enough to heal, save and deliver! HIS PROMISES SHALL COME TO PASS! A little more perseverance, you will inherit the promise!

2 Hope in GOD Psalm 39:7 please consider God first before your pastor! Run to God because He cannot fail you! AS LONG AS THE PROMISE IS FROM GOD, IT SHALL COME TO PASS…

3 Rejoice in this hope! Romans12:12 Be happy! Sing for joy! Your happiness should not have time frame! You are happy because He cannot fail you!

4 Be confident! Romans 5:5 says “Hope does not disappoint! You are not going to be disappointed! Whatever God has started, He will accomplish!

5 Rest in Hope! Psalm 16:9. We must be rest assured that HE WILL DO IT! Faithful is He who has promised! He will also do it!

For yet a little while, And He who is coming will come and will not tarry Hebrews 10:37.

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