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My beautiful feet!

….. My beautiful feet!
Isaiah 52:7-10
Let me talk about the two feet we have this morning! HOW BEAUTIFUL UPON THE MOUNTAINS ARE THE FEET OF HIM WHO BRINGS GOOD NEWS…..
The most important adventure a believer can embark upon today is TO PREACH THE GOSPEL! It is the most lucrative business, it is the most rewarding exercise! It is the only exercise that brings joy to heaven! When we sing, God is happy, when a soul is won, THE WHOLE HEAVEN REJOICES! The only service that a believer can render today is to PREACH THE GOSPEL! Have you preached this week? Do you have a convert at all? Have you prayed for the unreached at all this week? What are we doing about the unreached groups in China, India, Europe, Ethiopia, Gambia, Sudan, and Nigeria?
Have you reached out to the unreached around you? Do you care if they perish? Is the love of God burning at all in our hearts? Do we know the number of those who die everyday? How committed and faithful are we to the GREAT COMMISSION? Why are we in the church? Why do we go to church? Are we representing Christ in our places of influence? Do we know why God has placed us in that place? ARE YOUR FEET BEAUTIFUL?
It is the feet of those preaching and reaching out that are beautiful before God! It is only those who preach the gospel that are wise? It is only those who turn many to righteousness that will shine forever! While we are enjoying the goodness and the faithfulness of God, we must not forget that our FEET WILL BE BEAUTIFUL ONLY IF WE GO AND REACH OUT TO THE LOST SOULS….
We must justify our existence! Every one is called to preach! We must win souls! We must agonize for the unsaved….We must obey the great commission! We must make THE INVISIBLE GOD VISIBLE TO ALL MEN. This is our primary assignment! It is when men are saved that we can sing, clap, or pastor! Every Pastor, Bishop, Reverend must go out and preach! The office is not restricted to just few people but to everybody!   Are your feet beautiful? Are you making God happy? Are we really bringing joy to heaven?  How many people have come into the kingdom of God through you? How many have left the kingdom through us? Can others see JESUS in us? Have we not lost our savor, identity and value?
Praying for you this morning that your life will attract God’s blessings, your home will be beautiful, your spiritual life will be beautiful, God’s glory will never depart from your life! As you preach, you shall experience God’s power and blessings! Amen!!!
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