Be Diligent

Be Diligent!
2 Peter 3:14
” Meditate on these things; give yourself entirely to them, that your progress may be evident to all” 1Timothy 4:15
There is no way the bible can be broken! God will not and not re-write bible because of any one of us! Even though we live in an ever changing world, the Scripture remains the same! People may change, traditions and customs may be changing, God’s standard remains the same! Everything written in the bible cannot be changed!
Peter talks about a state of being without spot and blameless while waiting for Christ’s arrival! He charges us to be diligent!
Diligence is the constant effort we put into a particular course so that we can accomplish it!To be diligent is to be attentive, persistent in pursuing a particular task…. We cannot make it till the end if we are not diligent! Every good thing we desire to achieve in these last days requires diligence! Heaven is not meant for lazy Christians!
Why is diligence so important? 1Peter 5:8 says ” your adversary, the devil like roaring lion seeking whom he will devour! The devil is very busy! Our enemy is not resting!
1 Be diligent in living for the Lord. Make sure you live your day as if it is going to be the last! Do everything in living a life without spot and wrinkle. Remember, Jesus Christ is coming for the church without spot or wrinkle. When He comes back, how will He finds you? 2 Be diligent in seeking the Lord. Dont allow people to seek God for you, seek Him for yourself. Prov 8:17
3 Be diligent in your obedience to God. Deut 6:17
4 Be diligent in doing good, there is a reaping time! Gal 6:9
5 Be diligent in prayer. Luk 18:1 This is not the time to ease up, we must charge forward! Pray without season
6 Be diligent is serving the Lord! 1Cor 15:58 Always abound! Increase whatever you have been doing for Him!
7 Be diligent in studying the word of God. Josh 1:8
8 Be diligent in the pursuit of your purpose and dreams on earth. Eccl 9:10 . Doing things with all of our hearts is the best approach to accomplish our purpose in life.
9 Keep your heart diligently! Prov 4:23
10 Be diligent in your spiritual growth. 2 Peter 1:5 .It takes diligence to grow spiritually!
11 Be diligent in striving for kingdom! Luke 13:24 . The gate is narrow! Few will make it till the end! Strive to make it in the end! Everybody wants to make heaven, but few will eventually make it!
May you rule and reign as you charge forward this year!
May the grace needed to live without spot in an ever changing world be available!
pray for Brasil and Argentina today, pull down every strong hold! Advance the kingdom today in your prayers!