A Threefold Cord

A Threefold Cord…..
Ecclesiastes 3:9-12
” For where two or three are gathered together in My name , I am with them”
Solomon made this statement while giving us an insight into how empty life is. He said ” there is one alone, without companion….vrs 8. He ended up by saying it is evil for a man to be without a companion or partner!
The greatest evil, misfortune and calamity that can befall a man on earth is to be without the right people! or persons! There is an edge for a man or woman who is blessed with the right team in life and ministry! We are what we are, and will be what we shall be by the people we are surrounded with.
Solomon said ” BUT WOE TO HIM THAT IS ALONE” The truth of the matter is that there is nobody that does not need a companion! If God could and He is still cannot do without HIS best THREE PARTNERS, how much more we?
The Bible counsels us not to forsake the assembly of one another…as we see the days approaching! Moses needed men that would lift up his hands while the battle lasts. Joshua fought for Israel and won because Moses hands were lifted, Moses hands were up because people were around him…..The power of two, A TRIPLE – BRAIDED CORD IS NOT EASILY BROKEN……
Who should be your best companion?
1 Those who are willing and ready to go with you in every situation.
2 Those who shares in your pains and gains at all times
3 People who are not afraid to tell you the truth in love and every sense of humility.
4 A person who will stand by you when it seems every one is against you.
5 A man who understands God’s purpose and intention for your life and are ready to aid you so that you can fulfil it.
6 A person who will not abuse or judge you when you have fallen but will correct and guide you until you have fully restored back.
7 A person who will speak for you when you are not available to defend yourself in the midst of the opposition
8 A person who prays consistently for you and will always check on you to know how effective his prayers has been
9 A person who gives without complaint, support you when it is evident that his needs are also pressing.. just for you to actualize God’s dream for your life!
10 A burden bearer, a consolation at every point of need… A friend indeed, A friend like Jesus, companion and helper like the Holy Spirit, Uncommon father like God… Who cares for you! We need somebody, I need you, we need one another!
Every Joshua needs Caleb! Two or three partners going with you, groaning for you and giving to support you will make the burden lighter! Let us do it together! We are safer and will go father when we are together! It is all about GOD and not about us!
Please pray for
Macau – China and Qatar with 33% who have not been reached.Macau has about 548,000 people. while Qatar has about 1 million souls. please pray for their freedom and salvation. Destroy every strange god and spirit.
May the Lord God lift you up, may His strength and grace be sufficient for you……