Jesus is our Standard

Jesus is our Standard!
1 John 3:3
We cannot experience dominion over sin as long as our lives are not built in Christ, and established in Him! There is no mortal that is holy or righteous enough to take His place in our lives!
The life of Christ, His nature and character should be the perfect example for anyone who would like to see Him!
1 He is Holy. Every heaven bound Christian must be holy not like any great preacher, but as HE IS PURE! Those who are not living a holy life should forget about seeing Him or living with Him in eternity. He was tempted just as we are, yet without sin! Sins can never reproduce righteousness,Sin cannot give birth to holiness… Christ live a life without sin.
2 He obeyed God! He knew how difficult it would be to do the will of His father till the end. He knew how subtle the devil could be! He is the second Adam,chose to obey God! Phil 2:8 says “HE BECAME OBEDIENT TO THE POINT OF DEATH. Our obedience to God will be compared with that of Jesus when we cross to the other side!
3 Doing His father’s will. Heb 10:9 says “I have come to do Your will” He knew the life He lived was not about Him, but about God! He knew He did not come to the world on His own, He knew that God orchestrated His coming to this world! He would rather do His father’s will. He was busy preaching the gospel, healing and teaching sinners! He was busy doing His father’s bidding!
The greatest mistake we can make is to believe that our coming to this world and God’s kingdom is our own making! We did not make ourselves, God made us! We have not chosen ourselves, He chose us! We must not live for ourselves…. we must submit and surrender our entire life completely to God! He chose us for a purpose! He called us for a purpose!
Prayer focus!
Population : over 24 million
Languages 28
unreached 61%
Most of these people have not heard the gospel. They are Muslims. please pray that the light of the gospel will shine among them. Pray that the strongholds of Islam and strange religion will be pull down.
Pray like Jesus! Let us do it Christ way, may you enjoy His presence today and always in Jesus name!

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