Christ is our Standard (2)

Christ is our Standard (2)
Hebrew 12:1-2
” Looking unto Jesus, the author and the finisher of our Faith”
Having considered the exploits of the heroes of faith, the bible admonishes us to not to allow their testimonies to distract us from looking unto Jesus.
There is nobody that could have done what He did on the cross for us…He died in pain and shame because of us.
4 He came to give us life. Christ in us is the real life we all have! A life without Christ is a life without LIFE! Every sinner around us today are all living corpses! Those who are without Christ will die eternally! Those who have tasted life and experienced the life of Christ cannot sit down while millions of souls are perishing everyday! He is our life! John 3:16 talks about everlasting life! There is life after now!
2 Every move of Jesus is driven by love! Matthew 9:36. Love brought Him here, love made Him to identify with the hopeless and rejected! He was anointed to meet all our needs. His healing, miracles,and His death was motivated by love! No friend has ever died for sinners! Christ died for us…. THIS IS LOVE!
How often do we consider those who are without the life of Christ? How often do we consider millions of souls Christ died for? If just one soul could bring so much joy to heaven, what will happen if all those who have never heard give their lives to Jesus?
Do we love like Christ? His own kind of love is all we need to reach out to all our loved ones, friends, church members and the unreached who are without this life! His own love will be compared with ours when we see Him face to face!
Each time I see Jesus, I see Love,
Each time I see Jesus, I see Holiness,
Each time I see Jesus, I see obedience,
Each time I see Jesus, I am always willing to do more!
There is nothing too much or too big for the One who died for me!
There is no man than can give the kind of life He gave to me!
Every hope of life without Him is useless without Him!
I cry each day that He would help me to do so much more for Him!
Prayer focus
Dendi , Dandawa of Benin
population :51,000
Religion : Islam
Pray against the activities of witch doctors.
pull down the stronghold of Islam
pray that these souls will encounter Christ in Jesus name!
Remember,Jesus is our standard,if He has done it well, we must do the same!

Jesus is our Standard

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