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The Little Benjamin

The Little Benjamin Psalm 69:24-27, 1Samuel 9:21 …. “He gives grace to the humble” James 4:6 It will be very difficult to enjoy God if we are not humble! Those who are truly enjoy the grace and the mercies of God at this time are the humble! The Nature of […]

When THE KING Returns!

When THE KING Returns! Revelation 19:11- 21; Psalm 24:7-10 …And the King of glory shall come in. Whenever there is a serious contest, war, conflict and struggle, it is a clear indication that something significant is about to take place! As a prophet, the Lord has made me to see […]


JACOB’S GENERATION! Psalm 24:3-6 …”And the house of Jacob shall possess their possession” Obadiah 1:17 One of the greatest asset a child of God has is to be called by God’s name! When God’s name comes before any name we may be called…. HE IS THE GOD OF JACOB! Is […]