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The Sure Word

2 Timothy 3:16-17
It will be practically difficult to survive in these last days without standing firm on the word of God! The image of Christ can only be seen in the word of God and when we find it difficult to read it and meditate on it, we may not be able to withstand the satanic onslaught that we face on a daily basis. “ALL SCRIPTURE” The word came by the power of the spirit…given by God’s inspiration! The word of God cannot be compared with any other book ever written by man. God inspired His men and moved them to write it. Paul says “it is the sword of the spirit” We cannot win any contest without it. We cannot succeed without it….nothing on earth is as quick as the word of God!
The word cleanses us and makes us perfect as we read it day by day. The word renews our mind and changes us to the likeness of Christ and the glorious image of Jesus Christ!
We cannot please God without the word! We cannot overcome every circumstance without paying adequate attention to the word of God….Infact, there is no aspect of our lives that does not require the word of God! It is the lamp to our feet and light unto our path! I have no solution to any problem unless I am filled with the word of God! You cannot solve life’s puzzle if you are not filled with the word of God!
Beloved, are you discouraged, weary, downcast? Are we confused, disappointed and don’t know what to do? Be filled with the word! As you study and meditate on the word of God, you will definitely have every reason to rejoice! If the word of men fails, the word of God cannot changed! The word is final! His word is the last verdict! We are going to be judged on the last days by this same word! THOSE WHO ARE AVOIDING IT TODAY CANNOT AVOID IT ON THE FINAL DAY! …..nothing is as sure and steadfast like the word!

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