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The peace that passes all understanding!

…..The peace that passes all understanding!
Philippians 4: 4-9
Before Jesus left this world, He told the believers about the fact that they will not find it easy as long as they remain in Him. IN THIS WORLD YOU SHALL HAVE TRIBULATION, BUT BE OF GOOD CHEER, I HAVE OVERCOME THE WORLD. John 16:33 .
He told them this so that they could be adequately prepared for what the devil intended to do for them. He told them so that in the midst of all these challenges they will remain steadfast. …..that you may have peace!
Paul is also giving us the antidotes against worries, anxieties, troubles and all our challenges. He says ” in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your request be made known unto God” As long as we do this, the PEACE that nobody can explains, the peace that you don’t understand will keep our hearts and our minds in Christ.
We must continue to seek God’s face concerning every issue that is bothering us. We must continue to pray and cast all our cares upon Him, there is no one that can give us God’s type of peace, not even money, friends, family, job ….etc . As long as we do this, He will always give us HIS PEACE! Peace that passes all understanding! If we have prayed about that issue, then we should be rest assured that He has heard us. This should give us peace of mind. We should never bother about whatever we have presented to God because His hears are not heavy that He cannot hear us! Have we any burden? Have you any worry? Have you any challenge?…MAKE IT KNOWN TO HIM, AND YOU SHALL HAVE THIS PEACE OF MIND! He is our peace! It is settle! He knows how to work it out! He will make a way! He makes all things beautiful in His time!
Psalm 20:7 says “some trust in chariots….but WE will remember the name of the Lord” . They will fall but You will rise! Keep calling His name, keep praying unto Him, He will work things out for you! Are you righteous? The Name of the Lord is still a strong tower today for every born again christian…. As long as we are genuinely born again and we are living a holy life…..why should we worry? why should we fear? THE LORD IS OUR LIGHT AND SALVATION, WHOM SHALL WE FEAR? Please read psalm 27 this morning… He will come and save you! Lift up your eyes to Him, you will arise again! It is not over! He will make away….and grant you all your petitions! HE WILL GIVE YOU PEACE….shalom!!

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