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The marks of a True friend

The marks of a True friend…
Proverb 17:17, Proverb 27:17
….Greater love has no one than this, than to lay his life for his friends.
Proverb 17:17 seems to be one of my favourite verse in the Bible. A FRIEND LOVES AT ALL TIMES, A BROTHER IS BORN FOR ADVERSITY!
There is no other interpretation we can give this simple verse than to believe that we were actually made or created to fulfil a prophetic assignments. God created us not for our self primarily, but for others! Jesus came to this world JUST BECAUSE OF US! He came to rescue us and deliver us. He came not because of HIMSELF but because of us! HE IS INDEED A TRUE FRIEND! The song writer says ORE BI JESU KO SI LAYE YI…..OHUN NIKAN LORE OTITO… He came to give HIS life for our sakes! The motive behind HIS friendship is love! HIS BANNER OVER US IS LOVE!
God expects us to replicate this to people around us. He has created you for that man , that woman, the young boy and girl around us….We were made in His image, we must love them the way HE loves us!
…..He loves at all time, we must love at all times. He was born for adversity, we must be ready to identify the challenges in others and love them as well. It was when we were in our sinful state that Christ died for us, we must not attach any condition to our love for others!
How do I know a true friend?
1 He sharpens! Proverb 27:17 says IRON SHARPENS IRON.True friend will always put an edge in your life! He is always there to make us better and to make the difference in our lives…
2 A true friend sticks! That is what He came to demonstrate, He says I am with you! There is no situation that we are going through that He will not be there with us! No matter what, He will be there for us! JUST BECAUSE HE LOVES YOU!
3 A true friend stabs …He is there to correct! He is there to wound us Proverb 27:6 says FAITHFUL ARE THE WOUNDS OF A FRIEND THAN THE KISSES OF AN ENEMY! Always look for such a man who will correct, rebuke and make you better! Jesus loves at all times, without condition….He is a friend! Such a wonderful friend! He can never forget you, He will never leave you, He will fulfil all His promises in your life!

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