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SOON and very SOON!

SOON and very SOON!
Revelation 1:3,22:7,,10,20
……You also be patient.Establish your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is at hand ! James 5:8
The UNITED NATIONS will be holding an important meeting by September this year, the most important agenda of the meeting is how the world can come together to form ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. You can check out for this in their post 2015 Development agenda ! The biometric ( microchip implant ) is gaining the world acceptance! Watch out for the BLOOD MOON the world will experience in September 23 !
There are so many things going on also in the middle East, watch out for Two important feasts in Israel; Feast of Trumpet 23/9 and Feast of Tabernacle 23/9! …Everything around us is pointing to the fact that IT IS ABOUT THE TIME TO GO HOME! Let us start putting our houses in order! There is no point in arguing about these facts! The Bible has given us the indicators about what exactly will happen when THE SON OF MAN IS ABOUT TO RETURN………
The Church must be ready, we must lay aside every work of darkness, evil, deceit, hypocrisies and passions for the mundane things of the world! The King that died recently was so powerful and so rich! Yet, when he died, he could not return back to his palace! Not even his cars, wives, wealth could save him! He came with nothing…..HE WENT WITH NOTHING! It was only what he has used his body to do that will speak when he gets there!
We must not be carried away by what we have, or see, we must be passionate about OUR SOON COMING KING! The day is at hand! So many people will leave their homes and they will not return! What we have been trying to keep for so long will not be able to secure our flight and seat for us! It is time to awake out of sleep! It is time to go home! It is time to give our all to HIM! Let me even ask you a question, what will He tell you when you see HIM FACE TO FACE? Well done….Faithful servant? Holy christian? church goer? hypocrite? soul winner? What exactly do you think HE will say about you? IT IS TIME TO PUT OUR HOUSES IN ORDER…..Revelation 22:7,10 and 20 talks about how imminent His coming is! Are we prepared?Are we ready? What are we doing? What are your plans for Him? How well have we prepared? START TO PACK UP NOW! Please try and google 2028 End and download the video….We are living in a perilous time! The is deceiving, destroying ,and devouring! He knows his time is up! Is there a sin that we can ever think of that has not yet been invented? THE MAN OF SIN IS HERE WITH US! Sin multiplies United state legalized gay marriage, pastors are impregnating members, choir members commit atrocities, homes are in disarray, fathers impregnating daughters…. think of any sin! Nobody is safe! The Islamic world is also advancing, while Christians are sitting in their comfort zones….we rather love pleasures than things of God! So many christians will travel everywhere in the world with the resources God has committed into their hand for the sake of the gospel and yet , they are less concern about how the whole world will hear the gospel! Any way, God has abandoned so many of us He is doing the work without us so that the world might hear the gospel…….HE WHO IS HOLY, LET HIM BE HOLY STILL BEHOLD I AM COMING COMING QUICKLY AND MY REWARD IS WITH ME TO GIVE EVERY ONE ACCORDING TO HIS WORK! Maranatha!

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