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Lest we drift away!

….Lest we drift away!
Hebrew 2:1-3, 2 Peter 1:19, Exodus 8:4
While Joshua was alive, he served God and made Him known to the children of Israel. They saw the mighty move of God in the life of His servant. In Judges 2:7 the bible says ” so all the people served God all the days of Joshua.,?
One of the qualities of a servant of God is the fact that he will always manifest God’s power and presence these will in turn lead them all to God! Joshua knows what the Lord expects from him and he kept God’s instruction..
Immediately after the death of Joshua, the people began to drift away! What a tragedy! The greatest tragedy that can ever happen to man is when he drifts away from God’s purpose and plan for him! They began to serve idols…… This is just the exact picture of how many of us take God today! So many believers have drifted away from the original plan and purpose of God for their lives, they have forsaken God and loved the world! The joy of salvation which should remain fresh in their hearts is no longer there!
The Lord instructed Moses to build according to pattern. He has given him the master plan of how He wants the temple to look like… He kept on repeating it because this will determine the how His presence will be felt in the temple. We should know that every work of God’s hand answers to His blue print.
This same God has not changed! His instructions , words ,commandments are still timeless. His instructions from the beginning are still pure and sure… Whatever He has said concerning His word is still valid! His word is not subject to the changing time or shifting standards of our varying seasons….HIS COMMANDMENTS FOR US ARE ROOTED IN HIS NATURE AND UNCHANGING PERSONALITY! James 1:17 says ” there is no shadow of turning with God” Beloved, it is not possible for God to repent or change His mind concerning sin, holiness, faith etc…..God is holy, any church, christian or preacher that does not live like Him cannot see Him! His throne is established in truth and righteousness….We cannot claim to be friends of God at the same time love the world!
Our work is only valid to the degree to which it aligns with God’s fullest details and intent……We must not drift away from all that we have read and taught that is the safest measure we can all put in place as we await the imminent return of the Lord!

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