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Changed to the Image of Christ!

2 Corinthians 3:16-18
Immediately a child is born, it might be difficult to say clearly whom the child resemble. But day by day as the baby grows, the child face and physical appearance will speak clearly who exactly the child takes after.
Every child of God is expected to take after He who gave birth to them by the spirit. The reason Jesus used this statement ” BORN AGAIN” The first birth will lead everyone to death, the second birth will lead us to everlasting life! John 3:16 .
As a member of the family of God, we are expected to grow accordingly and begin to conform to the image of Christ. Any child who has a strange face will be seen as an alien or a bastard who has no right to stay withing the family.
Are we changing? Are we really taking after the image of Christ? The reason people find it difficult to preach and to declare their identity is the fact that they are not even legitimate member of the family of God! Without we talking about Him, His image would have reflected in us! People will no longer see us but Christ in us which will make them to believe us!
The Christians in Antioch got this name because their character was just like that of Christ! Their love, purity, faith, kindness, unity, passion and goal were just like that of Christ! If we have been going to church or carrying bible yet our character has not changed, then we need to go back to calvary! If we claim to be Christ’s followers and our image does not reflect Christ, then our spiritual birth is questionable!
Devil himself knows those who are born of God! Jesus says ” I KNOW MY SHEEP” We can only deceive ourselves, we cannot deceive God!
Each day we behold the image of Christ in the mirror of His word, we are changed! We transformed! Our mind is renewed!We see Him as He is and everything He demands from us. Are we changing? Are we taking after Him? Can people see Christ in us even before we talk about Him? What are they saying about us? What is the Lord saying about us?
We cannot continue in sin and expect grace at the same time! We cannot claim to be in the light and walk in the darkness at the same time….We cannot claim we are part of His family if we are not living in truth and righteousness. We cannot claim that His love is in our heart when what bothers Him does not bother us! We are changed each day to love Him better, serve Him better, live only for Him in a better platform ….then we are changed from glory to glory! What exactly has changed in us? What is changing in us? what have you seen in Him that you have in your life? Are we really changing? Remember, like Enoch who walked with God for 300 years, We shall be changed from this mortal body and finally take HIS body…..FOR WE SHALL BE LIKE HIM AND SEE HIM AS HE IS! Whosoever sees Christ cannot but take after Him! Have you seen Him this morning?

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