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Believer’s Action Points

Believer’s Action Points
Romans 12:12
…. Surely, there is a hereafter, And your hope will not be cut off.(Proverb 23:18)
I am personally led to share this with you this morning! Christian life is full of actions. It will be very difficult to be identified with Jesus and be passive! For example, Our walk with God is a daily exercise, we keep working, keep loving, keep serving, keep praying , keep preaching! It is interesting to know that in our relationship with God, we do not go on holiday! Why? the devil is walking, roaring, he is still killing, stealing and has not completed his mission! Each day is evil packed, because of the devil and his fallen angels! God is not also resting! He never sleeps nor slumber! why? it is because of this man! He never sleeps yet the devil is this wicked, how much more when He decides to sleep for a day!
Our text this morning talks about the 3 action points from which the Lord wants us to operate today and always!
Your hope is your strength. Your hope is your life! Our hope is the fuel that keeps us going despite the challenges! We are still very much alive because our hope is still very much active! The day hope dies marks the end of the journey! Are you still hopeful? Is your hope still very much alive? If our answer is yes, then we have reasons to rejoice!
Because we have a God who is faithful to His word and promises, we must rejoice in hope!
Because Our names are written in heaven!
Because He can never fail or deny His word, rejoice in hope!
What are we hoping for? What are we expecting? Has given us any promise? Has He revealed anything to us? The truth is If truly HE IS THE ONE WHO HAS PROMISED AND HAS SPOKEN, HE WILL SURELY DO IT!
There is hope for every tree because of the ROOTS ! Because we are rooted in Christ, we should not be afraid! Abraham knew there seems to be no hope, and against hope… He believes in hope! Keep your hope alive, He will do it? He is the same God! ANY PROGRAM PACKAGED IN GOD’S WILL CANNOT BUT BE ACCOMPLISHED! If truly we are children of God, we should be rest assured that He cannot deny us! Rejoice in this hope! Say to yourself this morning that with God on my side, it shall be possible! You will achieve God’s purpose for that project! You will end well, you will break forth! You shall overcome! It shall come to pass! His love for us is still valid and steadfast! His compassion has not fail! KEEP REJOICING IN HOPE….He is our hope and our future! I will continue tomorrow by His grace! PLEASE TAKE TIME TO SING TODAY AND KEEP REJOICING IN HOPE!