Watchmen Prophetic Missions International

About Us

segunlogoWatchmen prophetic mission is a ministry established by God to reach out the world with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are commissioned by the Lord to take the gospel to the ends of the earth through prayer and mission. Our vision is to take the complete Gospel to the whole earth. The ministry started in 2012 with prayers and intercession for the unreached and also for the revival of true and apostolic Christianity that will influence the world with the gospel of Christ. By the special grace of God, the ministry has been able to reach out to so many lives through the mission and intercession. As watchmen, we have the mandate to stand in the gap for the nations and also receive from the Lord what He has for the Nations.



The ministry is presently working among the following tribes in Nigeria: Ebira Muslims, Igedes, Migrants from the Republic of Benin , Eguns, and Yorubas. We are also trusting God to begin this work among the Hausas in Kebbi state .We have established churches among these tribes and started discipleship programs for our converts. We have also conducted water baptism for all our converts and began a leadership training for the young Christians.


Mission school is a significant aspect of our vision to reach out to the unreached. We have established a mission school in our field in Ogunsola field. We are establishing another school in Onilemo field. We have an enrolment of about 50 children in our mission school.


We have also started a project that will help those who cannot afford to send their children to school in these areas to get their children back to school. Most of these tribes will rather take their children to farm and market rather than educating them. Already, we have sponsored the education of a 15year old boy who dropped out of school for financial reasons. His parents are Muslims and could not send him to school. He recently presented his primary school testimonial to us. We have also given out books and educational materials to the rural children.


Missionaries and converts are also empowered through our empowerment projects. Small businesses, farming, and loans are given to them so that they can also survive on the field while serving the Lord faithfully.


Family life seminar and periodic workshops and trainings on the purpose of marriage and family are other means through which the ministry has been using to touch lives of our young converts. So many homes have been touched and healed through this programs


Our mandate is to make disciples for Jesus Christ. We have started a leadership training programs for our young converts so that they can take over other places for Christ. We intend to commission them at the end of 7weeks training.


Part of what the ministry has been able to accomplish is the baptism of those who have given their lives to Christ. Like the Philips of old, we did not hesitate to teach and baptize those who have surrendered their lives to the Lord Jesus.

Tracts and books

Our book FANNING THE EMBER is still selling fast! We have received so many testimonies about our book. We also have our daily devotional that will re-ignite the fire in us and motivate us to serve the Lord so much more.

Students in Mission project

We have also started a program that will prepare young boys and girls to develop burden and vision for mission. We hope to organize a program that will bring all of them together very soon. Young boys and girls are very important and strategic in world mission. We must start reaching out to them so that they can also reach out to the dying world.

Watchmen Partners’ Forum.

We have created a platform through which team members and partners can be nourished and furnished with the activities of the ministry. Members gather together once in a month or two months to review the ministry activities and pray. Missionaries also assemble together to pray and strategize for the work.

Church Awareness and Mobilization for Mission.

Part of what our ministry does is to create awareness for the church. We organize mission programs for churches, participate in church mission projects, and strengthen church’s vision for mission. We also ask for church to develop burden for mission and evangelism.